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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 - Mixed reviews to date

After a very successful exhibition in November 2015, an extremely enjoyable Christmas, and New Year spent with family, and friends, at the Roo, and in Brisbane, Maleny, Stradbroke Island and the Tweed, I started 2016 with high hopes.. .  

I knew I had to have a total hip replacement operation end of January, to remove a growth and diseased acetabulum, and though I was not the least impressed, I was resigned to the process happening. . .so packed my bag and into hospital I went. . .  unfortunately, not to come out until I had experience two nights in Intensive care and another week on the ward. Yep!! And still no hip operation!
I experienced anaphylactic shock, and ended up intubated, and supporting a series of tubes pouring in copious quantities of Insulin, antibiotics and antihistamines.
I felt 10 times worse after the NON-Op than before I went in.
Now here we are towards the end of April, and still waiting for the hospital to release my, operation anaesthetic drug use list, so the Immunologist can re-test . . . . And for my system to get rid of the mast cells, and recover from heart attack.
So there will be more testing, to find what caused the severe allergic reaction. . . .but when?
Cameron and I had anticipated going on a river cruise in France, and then driving through Spain, to join a cruise from Barcelona across to Italy, ending in a week in Venice, and then home. This would have been to celebrate Cameron's second retirement (Sounds like the Second coming of *. And no there will not be another series of retirement parties!!!)
Being extremely unamused with all the hospital visits, blood tests, Dr's visits and waiting. (Pain in hip is unacceptable and lump is growing rapidly)  So some positive action is required . . . . . . (A table of friends here last Friday night were talking of their favourable experiences on recent cruises)  And I thought . . .why Not? . . .Looked on line, and by the Saturday was booked, and we are off next Tuesday . . .Cameron, is at this very moment, in trying to extend his Passport, as he didn't realize his was out of date . . . .Yep!!!! That is what happens when you are VERY spontaneous.
But bugger it!!!  Booked first one I could find... leaving the soonest.
Melanesian discovery, for 10 nights aboard the Pacific Jewel . . . mmm!!!! Not France, Spain or Italy, but it is on water, and I will not need to lift a finger for almost two weeks.
Melanesian Discovery Itinerary
No it is not something I had anticipated, but when you can't move much, it appears a great option.
Booked a Stateroom with Balcony, and have been informed that we have been 'bumped up' . . .sounds painful, but apparently it means we now have a mini suite, with a balcony -  so should be Ok!!
Cameron will be able to do all the exciting, energetic stuff, (Segway touring, deep sea fishing, golfing at Le'Meridian, Diving)  while I meander, and do the less strenuous activities like cocktail making, cheese and wine tour, discovering the Island food, sailing through the islands on a Catamaran, (again!) and trying snorkelling (again!!!)  
 So, if one must suffer and endure .. I am pleased it will be while sitting on my Balcony, looking at the beautiful blue Pacific ocean flow by.
p.S booked Luke Magnan restaurant, SALT for a couple of meals . . .Looking forward to that. Yum!!
Thank you to family and friends for ferrying me here, there, and everywhere, and for bringing untold quantities of coffee and taking me out for cuppas, and outings . . truly appreciated.
PSs . . . .have recently sold two more paintings, so all in all, and despite ALL, the year should improve, end on a high note.