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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silky smooth and brightly colored

Another FUN workshop saw a variety of expressive silk scarves being created. Some ladies declared themselves non-artistic prior to commencing . . . .I think what they have created is extremely beautiful and positively wearable.

Many hands make work . . .easier

Even though we have been extremely busy with the renovations at the Rusty Roo . . . it is soooooooooo beautiful, it feels a bit like one continuous holiday !!!!
The mist over the mountains is peaceful & soothing. Here it is almost lunch time and it is only now starting to lift. . . . . The sunlight is breaking into our cocoon.

Easter break, saw the logs from previously felled trees being put to good use. They were dressed, trimmed and manoeuvred into position, for their new life as supports for an extension to side of studio.
Others were used to support the new garden around the new tanks. The remainder will be utilised when we construct the new studio. Nothing has been wasted.
Once again we have been extremely lucky with all the help, from family and friends. Amazing what good work comes from joined enthusiasm and friendship. Thank you.