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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hanging an exhibition is an exhausting process which requires hard work, co-operation, assistance and a good eye. Fortunately we had a generous dollop of all qualities supplied by the 5 exhibitors, family members and friends -  resulting in a two day assembly - which eventually culminated in an extremely cohesive display  . .  A huge Thankyou

 Deciding where to hang each individual piece so that it works as a whole is not an easy task . . . thank goodness we all have an abundance of humour . . .

 Sculpture, ceramics, installations, paintings and wall art from various artists, with entirely individual ways of working, does not automatically work together  - without serious thought and lots of juggling . . .
Painting - Sharon Lee  
Sculpture - Lyn Derrick   
Installation - Lily Karmatz

Ceramics - Linda Back          Ink on paper - Kate Cooke

The past two years being influenced by Ikebana and the 'Do' has been an extremely enjoyable process . . .A mammoth thankyou to Lily, Linda, Lyn and Kate from me - and to my family for their endless support and good humor throughout - you are all wonderful.
Time to go home, recharge our batteries, and get our glamour-rags out for the Exhibition opening of 5WAYS . . .