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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SOLO EXHIBITION – 25th February – 2 April - Logan Art Gallery, LOGAN

Beauty of Patterns Lost is an exhibition of works inspired by the observation and documentation of the loss of native Flora and Fauna, along a stretch of road we have travelled, over the past ten years. I am interested in the way people shape their habitat and the consequences their behaviour has on the native wild life . . .

Biodiversity is a slippery subject.

To view all the works please follow link to facebook page under 'recent works 2011'

Coming to the end of the exhibiting time, I have to take the oppertunity to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of exhibiting, at the Logan Art Gallery.

Thank you to Program Leader Cultural Services, Annette Turner for being the guest speaker at the exhibition opening. Thank you to the Exhibitions officer Gabriella Szablewska, Judy Constable Acting Art Gallery Assistant, Georgina Gould Art Gallery Trainee, Jillian Beardsworth and Public programs Officer Lesley Nicholson, for their support and encouragement, throughout.

I found conducting the two day workshop with the assistance of the Public Programs officer Lesley Nicholson an added bonus. The 12 creative ladies were enthusiastic and a delight to work with.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to the numerous volunteers who work in the Logan Art Gallery. Their warm and supportive manner throughout the exhibition made the entire process a very enjoyable experience.

Last but not least, Thank you to everyone who attended the opening of Beauty of Patterns Lost, your thoughts, well wishes and engagement with the works is appreciation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


At a recent workshop I conducted at the Logan Art Gallery, I was trying to encourage some of the participants, to let go of each layer of their work and enjoy the development of their paintings, through the 'what if' process.

What if I painted over this with another glaze? What if I added another layer of printing? What if I added another stencil? What if I splattered all over it? What if i made patterns over the top?
I wish I had this video then, to show them how enjoyable the process is . . .

don't you just love their ability, to paint over the pre-existing layer and allow the next one to develop, prior to loosing it again. . . . .

Such freedom of expression.

Video removed . . . .?

1week of art works

Friday, March 11, 2011

In the News March 2011

Acrylics explore animal lifeNEWS • Arts & Entertainment
8 Mar 11 @ 06:52am by Kate Wilcock
Animal death . . . Artist Sharon Lee with her work Is There A Bear In There? at the Logan Art Gallery.
LOGAN: A mob of native animals is inhabiting an exhibition space at the Logan Art Gallery this month as Sharon Lee’s Beauty of Patterns Lost exhibition settles in.
A total of 17 works explore the themes of biodiversity and delicate balance between human and wild animal habitats.

Ms Lee said two of the most powerful works in the exhibition are, Is There a Bear in There? and A Pouch Is No Protection From A Bull Bar. They depict the loss of native animal lives on roads and the impact of land changes.
Most of her works are based on animals she sees at her Esk property, in the Brisbane Valley, with the exception of Freedom Above and Below Choice, which was painted after a recent visit to Turkey.
A work entitled When We Move in, Who Moves Out? reflects development in the Brisbane Valley, with the urban sprawl extending exponentially.
``This is the first time the entire exhibition is animal themed,’’ Lee said.
Works in the exhibition, which took one year to create, are all acrylic on canvas.
Logan City Council program leader for cultural services Annette Turner said the artist painted in a very accessible style, using easily identifiable symbols and iconographic animals embellished with large splashes of colour and pattern.
``Her work also contains another layer of story-telling, which can be accessed by reading the titles of each painting,’’ Ms Turner said.
Beauty of Patterns Lost will be displayed at the Logan Art Gallery in Logan Central until April 2

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

sophie munns: homage to the seed: Beauty of Patterns Lost - showing in Brisbane this month

Brisbane is small and well-connected ( read: incestuous), however it is this very thing that allows most artists to bond, share and maintain a supportive network. So I was bubbling with enthusiasm when Sophie said she would like to put an article about my recent exhibition on her BLOG. Thanks Sophie for your support.

Sophie has a informative and delightful BLOg, full to the brim with insightful ideas, reviews and comments. . . not to leave out her bright, layered art works which are worth a visit . . .again . . . .and again!

sophie munns: homage to the seed: Beauty of Patterns Lost - showing in Brisbane this month