Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ahoy there!

Landlubbers at Sea 

25 April -  7 May 2016
A quick morning flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and we are now here on board the Pacific Jewel ready to partake of the 'Afternoon delight' cocktail hour . . . . . and it is only 1.30pm.
The Ship should be leaving the port of Sydney at 4pm.
Getting through the pre-boarding was fine. There was a wheel chair for me to sit in, and to take me aboard, and after being shown to our room, we were ready to have a drink, followed by lunch, and then time to explore.
Our room looks spacious and definitely user friendly . . . here it is looking all pristine before we make a mess of it. (Will take another pic at the end, and I am sure it won't look like this . . .though, it will be cleaned twice every day . . so may remain habitable. ) We are fortunate to have a quiet cabin which is not underneath anything (which has the potential to be noisy - like pool, disco, dining room)

Will certainly appreciate having our own balcony and the view to the ocean.
Lets hope we have fair weather throughout. . .

We have bought along plenty of magazines, and books, and there is a great little mobile library which roams the corridors.
I am reading All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann, Martel,  and if I have time, A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman. . .

                                                                                                              I think we will be able to find somewhere to sit, and something to eat, whenever we feel we need a wee nibble - all with gorgeous views to the ocean.  Cameron and I do agree we miss the sea.    
'The Pantry' is a new concept for the ship. It has numerous outlets with food prepared as requested, which I think is far better than the previous all you can eat buffet. There are a variety of culturally diverse cuisines. They even have a place totally dedicated to deserts .  .which I must try . . .    I must!!!!
Oh! And another to salads. Which I will try, if I must!

Cameron has eyed off the hamburgers, and Pizza, and given them both, the meat to surface ratio test, and fully approves.

4pm - Sailing out through Sydney harbor was spectacular. We were going to view it from our own verandah to avoid the crowds on deck, but stayed and we did enjoy the party atmosphere. The Harbor is beautiful and it was dark before we were free of land.

Evening meal tonight in the waterfront restaurant, which as the name suggests is at the front of the vessel and has views to the ocean.

We have our own table near window, as requested. May socialize later, but for now Cameron and I are happy to have time to ourselves.  Will vary our meal time, and the venue, but tonight it was good to get in early before the room filled up.
May try The Pantry tomorrow night, and then have booked the SALT restaurant by LUKE Magnan.

Can it get much better than this? ( Ok, maybe it does not compare with 3 months travelling through France, Spain and an Italian cruise from Barcelona to Venice - but, here and now, there are No dishes to wash, no cleaning, and there is fresh sea air, entertainment and we have the Pacific Islands to explore . . .)

View of the land out the window.  . .which slowly disappeared as it got darker, to be replaced by a worthy sunset.

Not a bad start . . . . now to decide if we want to go see the evening entertainment which is The Blues Brothers . . .mmm? Or stay here on our own balcony enjoying the breeze and the briny smell of the sea.

Decided to go have a look . . . .

On the Friday before we boarded the ship, I went in for further testing regarding allergic reaction. After 28 injections into my forearms, of different medications, diluted to various strengths, it was discovered that I am highly reactive to antibiotics.
So one real positive, is that I am now back on my anti-inflammatory drugs,(Yah!!!!) Cortisone (not so happy!) and painkillers . . .Wooohooo!!! (Bring them on!) And as a result I am almost pain-free . .

Early days, but so far, there is nothing much to complain about . . .