Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day One at Sea

Cameron is off learning how to SEGWAY, while I have a freshly brewed cuppa and do this post.
I am sitting in The Dome, a children free area which has the old world charm of a Gentlemen's club. Leather, potted palms, waiters in white, games like Marjong, chess, drafts, and a library, and expensive wifi.
There are four other people in here. I have a three seater leather lounge to myself, feet up with a huge bay window, with ocean view, mellow Blues music, and the promise of a delectable ice coffee when Cameron joins me.

Last night we watched a huge crowd dance to 80's music performed by a band, set up in the open, on the top deck under the stars. Then we watched a comedy production, before a stint in the Atrium listening to a duo sing love songs.

We are in a room right at the front of the vessel, on the 11th flour, so we feel and hear the waves crashing against the front of the Ship. It reminds us of being in Bougainville, PNG, when living on Madehas Island, Banu, Tinputz and Teaposino, which were all on the waters edge, and therefore subject to the oceans capricious nature. Neither Cameron or I suffer from sea sickness so the movement and noise is enjoyable. We left the veranda doors wedged open to enhance the experience. . . . had a good night sleep in a comfortable queen size bed, (Yah! do miss the king size!!) but waking to the sublime sunrise, viewed through full length sliding glass doors was Magical. . . . I could get used to this.
Had a huge breakfast in the Waterview restaurant, with white tablecloth and waiters. (Plenty of variety.) Then after watching a five person/instrumental Blues band, time in Dome, and a stint watching people learning to do line dancing, we had a lunch of Fish, Chips and Greek salad in the Pantry . . . self serve.
Should we try the bungy thingagamy thing?  Cameron may.
Me? Nahhhhh!

I'm not scared . . . It is only because I have seen The Little Mermaid a hundred times.Amazes me where all the people are . . .no one place is ever over crowded.
I think they must all be on deck and in the pool. Eventually we found them in The Orient Bar doing a Quizz . . .  while others were looking at the Jewellery and exercising.  
Found I do like watching the ocean. Yah! the bungythingamagigy can wait . . .this is more my style. At least until lunch time. . . and then after lunch we are going to learn how to make cocktails and drink them, and then we are going to a show called Liar, Liar . . .and if still awake, will see the adults only comedy show at 10.45pm . . .or lay on deck, in a lounge chair under the stars, while watching the movie Spectra. . . .decisions, decisions!!!! XXX
Tomorrow is Country and western day, so have nominated Cameron to do Line dancing . . .
The following day we make land and have booked to do a tour of Noumea and have lunch . .