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Friday, July 31, 2009

Being at the Roo more often means we are able to leave out bird seed and other treats, of an evening and early morning. We have enjoyed the antics of the King parrots, pink galahs and white cockatoos.

The Wallabies have appeared more often too. We thought we had two regulars with babies in their pouches. No!, we have 8 mothers with joeys, all at different stages of development.
Amazing the difference a good rain makes . . . . . for everything.
Sight . . is something I use every day. . . . yet often I forget how fortunate I am to have this asset, that brings such delight.

After the rains the foliage is lush and green, the flowers bountiful and the bird life abundant.

It comes as no suprise that I find inspiration from playing with flowers and vessels at sunset. There is an infinite bounty of spectacular reflections and micro visions with the end of each day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Work is slowly progressing for exhibition in 2010

After my illness i had to stop using oils and their additives. Ahhhhhh !
As a result I had to take the time to rediscover using acrylics, which I had previously delegated to the bottom of the heap . . . . as limited in their possibilities. For me, they always appeared to be thin in their application and lacked the lusciousness of oils, that I had grown accustomed to. . . . . .and loved !
They say necessity is the mother of all invention . . . . I may have to agree !!
Recent experimentation is slowly revealing some positive aspects of this medium. I have to admit that I am enjoying the process and will continue with the ' re-discovery'.

Winter has the most perfect days

Aren't these days Divine. The sun seems to have a penetrating soothing affect. We have enjoyed having visitors with us for the past three weeks, but now we are immersed in the freedom of solitude.
The Roo's are back with all their babies.
The birds are numerous and even the bee's, which I had sorely missed, are back busily buzzing.
The water in the Dam is up, the grass is green & at long last the trees are growing . . . not just surviving.
Makes all the hard work . . .very worth while.

Three weeks of creativity...Bliss

Throughout June & July, Cameron and I were fortunate to share the Rusty Roo with numerous friends, family members and artists.
We are always facinated to see what everyone gets up to. All had a very enjoyable time experimenting, exploring and looking at the Roo through interested and connected eyes. It was facinating to see what everyone eventually decided to do. From tree markings, jewellery making,creating roads to no-where and rearranging the landscape. . . . it was all extremely creative. We always feel extremely blessed to be able to share such a magical place with so many.

Celebrating 150 years

With the help of a Government grant, we have assisted the children with the design and installation of colourful and imaginative mosaics.
The students involved were helpful and happy to learn a new skill. They used their individual knowledge and interests to design the layouts for each seat.
The seating created, will be a reminder of the celebration for many years.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ikebana at the Roo

The Light radiating through the bottles made them look like expensive crystal. The shadows and reflections bounced and danced. Then the brilliant oranges and reds of the evening sunset permeated the entire landscape. It was lovely. We spent the time between sipping wine and Ohing! and Ahhing and taking more pictures.

Link to; The Rusty Roo