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Thursday, August 27, 2015

5WAYS - Exhibition preparations

Whats up? . . . We are all aware that it is not long before our opening. I know it is not until second week in November  . . but when you have work to fire in the kiln, send off to the foundry, glaze with varnish, gesso or frame . . .the time to have work completed, for final assemblage, is here before you know it.

As usual, I have branched out into another process - because despite loving painting and printmaking, I feel a need to experiment (firmly believing that if we don't try various processes, how will we know if we have a liking or aptitude for it . . . while also thinking - that occassionally being outside our comfort zone, is a good way of making us look at things differently ) while also expanding my skill set. . . . so I have tried mould making, and casting from clay sculptures I have created . . .which while enjoyable is an entirely new process I needed to learn . . . which has resulted in an entirely new body of work - inspired by our camaraderie as a group . . .

I have enjoyed selling two works prior to the exhibition, but now face the decision of doing more or exhibiting less.
'MERGE'   Oil on canvas
The two paintings will travel to seperate destinations in the UK, and I wonder what people over there will think of the colours and the subject matter. . . . flowers, assemblages of a certain contrived strangeness, birds, and vessels.
I hope they enjoy the brightness and designs inspired by Lily's Ikebana, The Roo, animals, birds and growth. . .  for I have enjoyed the inspiration, and the painting process.

Next week, the group are again getting together for another workshop - a process I love for we inevitably learn a new technique while having fun . .. a great combination. This time it is ceramics. Linda will instruct us over two days on hand building and slip casting . . .  I am looking forward to playing with earth again. . . . pics to follow soon.