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Saturday, November 30, 2019


Last stop. Left Arron at Dubai airport as he is on his way back to Brisbane. 
While we are staying in Singapore, to indulge in some rest, before we return to the dry. 
Today we ventured over to the Botanical gardens. Had a delightful wander for 4 hours, to be chased away by thunderous rain after lunch . . . 

back to hotel for a rest.

Caught a taxi to Little India. Celebrations went on all night. We stayed in the shopping centers, as they are open 24 hours and air conditioned. Interesting array of goods. When we came out around midnight there were thousands of people and the traffic was at a standstill.

Had to walk to the Hilton to ask them to call a taxi . . . I bought a couple of extravagant, over the top pieces. (I will be ready for when we go to our next Indian wedding.) Also, some batik material and some embroidered silk. . .promise, that is it!

Quiet day - reading and relaxing followed by a taxi drive around the city.

Today we wandered over to Garden by the Bay. And it was 6 hours later, when we left and still did not see everything.  Loved it. We have already agreed there will be a next time!

 Lovely and cool inside the domes. Flowers are magnificent.

  Day hanging around the hotel resting . . .nice!!!

Time to hang around the hotel resting has been a real bonus . . .


Time to return to Brisbane. We departed the Rusty Roo late August and now return early November.
We organized for someone to look after the property, garden and animals, but with no rain while we have been away, we are now anxious to get back and water . . . and feed the animals.

(While away I took over 3,000 photos. Trying to pick which ones to include has been difficult.)

It has been a real joy to see so many places. 

Again, thank you to family and friends.Loved it all. XXXSo blessed!


Day 1 - Arron caught up with us in our apartment. Seperate rooms. Bright and airy.

on the Pest side, near the Jewish quarter. Very eclectic area.

Due to its scenic setting, its culture and its architecture, Budapest more than deserves its nickname, Paris of the East. I bought hop on hop off transport tickets, so we were straight on and after a full trip around the city, we went to the museum.

Day two - After breakfast we made our way over to the Grand market Hall. Had a bite to eat and did some shopping. Very touristy, but fun and interesting.

Instantly it is obvious why Budapest has long been a great inspiration to many artists.
Day 3 - We walked the ruin bars, markets and shops.Budapest’s 7th district, the Jewish district near our airbnb, is a buzzing neighborhood of contradictions: synagogues and dozens of ruin barsorthodox Jews and hipstersartists and businessmen; daily routine and crazy nightlife; underground and posh – it is where you can understand the most about Budapest within the shortest amount of time.


Night time is busy and very noisy, 
but interesting.. our apartment has double glazing so nice and quiet.

The variety and quantity of cafes is impressive. We could never make up our minds where to eat. I think it drove Arron crazy, but I just liked looking.

Day 4 -   Up early - We took a tram and a bus and it took us about 40 minutes each way.                       

The Flea Market Ecseri Bolhapiac-Budapest is lacking in any attempt at curation, so it is better and more productive to go with either a sense of adventure or an idea of something to hunt for. It is overflowing with old paintings, antique furniture, porcelain figures, paraphernalia, militaria, old photographs, cameras, vinyls, vintage toys, a lot of jewelry and plenty of things from the last century. It is the place to find vintage traditional Hungarian embroidered linens, especially tablecloths, napkins, lacework and blouses. There is a wide assortment of the main Hungarian porcelain brands: Herend, Zsolnay, and Holloháza. 


I managed to see some more Amber. A bracelet of opal with gold beads and a snuff bottle . . . (you have to be wary of imitations and stolen goods.) Wanted to purchase an incredible necklace of Tiger eye, double domed beads and a 1920's necklace of woven garnets, but Cameron was certain the man was a crook and wouldn't let me . . . when we passed his stall 10 minutes later, he and all his wares were gone . ..boohoo!!!!! Cam was probably correct. 
Night time river cruise.

 Beautiful lights . . . very cold. Winter is on its way.

  Day 5 - Zoo

Art pieces decorating walls or floors.

Day 6 - Castle hill. Hospital under the hill. Great views

 Walked home through the city.

Szabo Ervin Public Library 

Visited the Baths.

Day 7 - Bus and train to small village of Szentendre. Our air BnB host recommended we visit. Arron is proving to be a great guide.
 Meat has been slow cooked for 18 hours -  ribs were best we have had. Sausages were yummy too. Cake and ice cream also Yum!

 Szentendre is considered an artists village and there certainly is a variety of shops and museums. Liked these earrings and this ring. Only small . . hardly weigh anything . . . they will fit in my purse - no worries!

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the  little lane ways. Walked through to the river. Had a cuppa and cake before it was time to leave.

We leave tomorrow. Arron will return to Brisbane and we move onto Singapore for rest and relaxation.
 Thank you for sharing your holiday time with us Arron. It has been thoroughly enjoyable and very memorable. Love you xxx

 Last night wandering the city.

Night markets in park across from our accommodation. Bought a bouquet of ceramic flowers.
Remain ambivalent about Budapest . .very spread out. Very busy. People still recovering from wars and communism . . . but it does have a brashness and celebration of architecture and heritage.

What fun it has been. I feel blessed. . . . but, now for a bit of a rest!!!