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Saturday, October 05, 2019


We met up with our friends in Uk and have now moved onto AMSTERDAM. How different. We are loving walking the streets looking at all the architecture, bikes and canals.

SOOOOOOO many bikes. Have heard how many are stolen, discarded or lost each year and have forgotten the exact number - but it is in the hundreds of thousands.
Visited the Art Galleries to view the Van Gogh paintings and all the other incredible works . . .  never tire of all the talented people and history.

Stayed in a quaint little hotel called The Bird, on canal with great views and in easy walking distance to everything.

 Had breakfast in this interesting cafe . . .  lady was not impressed that we wished to dine at the ungodly hour of 8am . .  .
Did the hop on hop off canal boat and bus tours . . .  on and off here, there and everywhere . . 


We all like Amsterdam . . .  am sorry to be leaving Arron here in Amsterdam when we move onto the Cruise ship for a fortnight, which will take us through to BUDAPEST, where we will meet up with Arron for another week in a AirBnB, before moving onto Singapore. (We hope he has a great time alone in Amsterdam !!!!! ) And for us  . . . . let the magic continue. (more pics to follow, must away!)


Traveled early to BATH. First impressions were not favorable but had a cruise on the River and I started to like it . . . then walked through the city streets and I thought it was lovely.

The Bath Roman baths were interesting and the Cathedral was lovely.

 Morris patterns and architecture everywhere.
 Visited Victoria art gallery

Victoria Art Gallery

Did the hop on hop off bus around the city and countryside, staying in a house on an estate surrounded by orchards and gardens . . . want more time in Bath!!!!

On way to the cotwolds again . . .  then onto Amsterdam. More water, more greenery . . 

Stoneleigh, Cotwolds

Cotwolds. What a beautiful part of the world. We were blessed with good weather most of the time, but did have the occasional drizzle .  . I guess that is why it is so green! We stayed in a gorgeous old cottage with thick stone walls, huge flagstone floors and stairs so steep and narrow they were a almost a nightmare . . . It was nice to stay put in on place for a few days.

We spent a afternoon at Blenheim Palace. What a gorgeous place. Wish we had more time to explore the gardens.

Throughout the Cotswolds the Architecture is varied and interesting.

Spent day with my girlfriends daughter and family for a very enjoyable day. Extremely cute son and a kitten with character and a Scrumptious meal for lunch.

Another two days looking at the gorgeous countryside and dropping into all the wonderful villages full of character. Eating all the pastries and teas with devonshire cream . . . my clothes are shrinking.