Sunday, December 20, 2009

RAIN . . . . gods juice

Oh what a delight ! to hear the patter . . . .then the tap dancing of rain, on the tin roof.

You could feel the relief from the earth as it fell. Or was that just me, enjoying the cool change. No !, I'm sure the new growth and shoots were sprouting as it fell . . . . . Yes ! I'm sure you could see it getting greener by the minute.

Today was filled with numerous delights. Watching the red back finches darting through the bushes, the wallabies enjoying the soggy food pellets and all the birds ( subtle grey & pink of the galas, dashing red & green of the king parrots, stark white and Yellow of the cockatoos and the mincing browns of the placid doves ) dancing around the feeder trying for the best position.

The air felt charged with re newed energy.

How I have missed the rain.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Creativity at it's best

Doing artist way this year with a group of creative friends, I have been made more aware of what I am doing with my time.

Some times at the end of the week I do a minor assessment, of what I have achieved. This is always done slightly half hearted, but sometimes I do wonder what I have been doing with my time. . . . time in relation to obvious creative output, is some times very thin on the page.

Bri's 18th Birthday, masquerade party

However, It is times like these, (when my baby is celebrating her 18th year with friends and family,) that I can see where an obvious amount of 'quality time' has been invested.

Watching her react with her peers and listening to their speeches/talks, I was/am thrilled and extremely proud, to have been actively involved in such a wonderful creation.

Now that my children are all grown up, I know that from now on I will have more time to paint and create artistic works . . . . . but,

I do so knowing that the time I have spent with my FAMILY, has been some of the best times.

To belong within such a loving nucleus is a blessing.

What a joy . . . . . thank you xxx

Monday, December 07, 2009

life is a series of vignette's

UK-based illustrator Rowena Dugdale ( Click here to read and view more of Rowena’s work, and here to purchase her creations - a wonderful gift idea for someone who loves photography.) has been experimenting with Polaroid and pinhole cameras lately, creating stunning images.

“Like the delicious static on a vinyl record, any dust specks, light leaks, torn edges or quirks are an integral and honest part of the process and character of this body of work and have been deliberately left in rather than airbrushed out.”
She uses objects around her – marbles, feathers, fern fronds, moss and buttons – to create ethereal, light filled photographs. The results are incredibly beautiful…

One of my absolute favourite processes is making mono prints, where I bring in things from the Rusty Roo landscape, compose a vignette and play with layering.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Inspiration 'found'

Here is another one that I thought was beautiful. Maybe it is the bird that has me ? It is by Heather Smith Jones, called Looking forward

Small delightful 'finds'

What I love about the web and blogging, is the finding of such creative individuals. I found this through a site, through a blog, from a friend. . . .

"listening to a flowering", graphite, watercolor, block print, on paper. This original piece is signed, dated, titled and one-of-a-kind.The paper is 100 percent cotton, neutral pH, and is a soft white color. It is sent with a firm, acid-free backing in an archival sleeve and mailed in a stay-flat envelope. Please visit my Gallery Store to see more available work, including larger works on paper, pinhole pieces and framed paintings - http://www.hrsmithjones.bigcartel.com