Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hanging an exhibition is an exhausting process which requires hard work, co-operation, assistance and a good eye. Fortunately we had a generous dollop of all qualities supplied by the 5 exhibitors, family members and friends -  resulting in a two day assembly - which eventually culminated in an extremely cohesive display  . .  A huge Thankyou

 Deciding where to hang each individual piece so that it works as a whole is not an easy task . . . thank goodness we all have an abundance of humour . . .

 Sculpture, ceramics, installations, paintings and wall art from various artists, with entirely individual ways of working, does not automatically work together  - without serious thought and lots of juggling . . .
Painting - Sharon Lee  
Sculpture - Lyn Derrick   
Installation - Lily Karmatz

Ceramics - Linda Back          Ink on paper - Kate Cooke

The past two years being influenced by Ikebana and the 'Do' has been an extremely enjoyable process . . .A mammoth thankyou to Lily, Linda, Lyn and Kate from me - and to my family for their endless support and good humor throughout - you are all wonderful.
Time to go home, recharge our batteries, and get our glamour-rags out for the Exhibition opening of 5WAYS . . .

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time to hang

Two sleeps and we will be meeting in the Metcalf Gallery, at the Brisbane Institute of Art, to install our works, for the exhibition opening of 5WAYS, on Saturday November 14th.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of meeting with these talented artists and am full of anticipation to finally witness how the works present together in the gallery.

There will be sculptures, ceramics, paintings, wall art and installations.
Lily Karmatzs' - installation

Lily's recycled flower

Lily - recycled plastic flowers
Sharon Lee - carved Wall art
 I adore the fact that we have such varied ways of expressing how Ikebana has inspired us.
Linda Back - ceramics

Linda Back's ceramics
Sharon Lee - Oil on canvas 60 x 60cm

Linda Back - ceramics

We would love to see you at the Gallery, either at the opening on Saturday or during the two weeks of the exhibition.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Preparations for the exhibition are now in their final stage. We are putting together the final touches towards individual works, catalogue, video, hanging, and nutting out the details regarding the management process, for duration of show.
As we reach the finish line we are already thinking about the topic and process which will inspire us to produce works over the next two years. Without knowing the name of the next exhibition, or having a complete picture of that which we will produce, we are exploring the choices of medium, technique and place. The last few workshops in August, September and October have been lead by Linda Back who is professionally trained, with years of experience as an exhibiting ceramicist.

I do love this combination of sharing knowledge, process and place and socializing over good food . . . We had two very enjoyable days where we were granted the gift of unlimited clay, and access to professional equipment - and as if that alone were4 not enough, we were blessed with Linda offering tuition.

To follow up on this we have enjoyed two workshops at Linda's fabulous home and studio. Each day we arrived to share un-resistible cakes surrounded by an incredible garden full of art works and extremely friendly chickens - and then when motivated, we moved into the studio to decorated our bisque fired works. Using slip and glazes we decorated our creations ready for their final firing. . .  before sharing a sumptuous lunch, and then more work. . .  what is there not to love?

Over the past two years we have explored the ocean around Morton, Bribie Island, and, Fingal beach, the bushland near Mt Gravatt, and out Esk way, at the Rusty Roo. Between the five of us and the people we know, we have professional knowledge and years of experience in ceramics, sculpture, bookmaking, printing, painting and Ikebana, and throughout this latest two year process we have each willingly, and generously shared  - and received, this knowledge.
Along with this we have all shared our own places - be they our studio's, acreage, home, plot of bush, or stretch of beach. This emersion in environment is important to our process and an integral part of that which helps with the cohesion of  the exhibition.
5WAYS   14 November 2015
Over the next two years, sharing our love of the environment, nature and how we respond to place, we will develop another body of work and hopefully it will be as stimulating and as enjoyable as the past two years. Thank you to each and everyone of you who have shared process, knowledge or place.
PS. Love to see you at BIA for the opening night or sometime throughout the exhibition.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

5WAYS - Exhibition preparations

Whats up? . . . We are all aware that it is not long before our opening. I know it is not until second week in November  . . but when you have work to fire in the kiln, send off to the foundry, glaze with varnish, gesso or frame . . .the time to have work completed, for final assemblage, is here before you know it.

As usual, I have branched out into another process - because despite loving painting and printmaking, I feel a need to experiment (firmly believing that if we don't try various processes, how will we know if we have a liking or aptitude for it . . . while also thinking - that occassionally being outside our comfort zone, is a good way of making us look at things differently ) while also expanding my skill set. . . . so I have tried mould making, and casting from clay sculptures I have created . . .which while enjoyable is an entirely new process I needed to learn . . . which has resulted in an entirely new body of work - inspired by our camaraderie as a group . . .

I have enjoyed selling two works prior to the exhibition, but now face the decision of doing more or exhibiting less.
'MERGE'   Oil on canvas
The two paintings will travel to seperate destinations in the UK, and I wonder what people over there will think of the colours and the subject matter. . . . flowers, assemblages of a certain contrived strangeness, birds, and vessels.
I hope they enjoy the brightness and designs inspired by Lily's Ikebana, The Roo, animals, birds and growth. . .  for I have enjoyed the inspiration, and the painting process.

Next week, the group are again getting together for another workshop - a process I love for we inevitably learn a new technique while having fun . .. a great combination. This time it is ceramics. Linda will instruct us over two days on hand building and slip casting . . .  I am looking forward to playing with earth again. . . . pics to follow soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Witches brew - Shibori

Rusty Roo workshop - Day 2 - 

after another delectable meal, beautiful sunset, lengthy memorable bonfire and a good nights sleep . . . . . 

We woke early to heavy mist, a Koala in the tree, wallabies at the ponds, birds squabbling on the bird stands . . . . and a full Cameron cooked breakfast . . .  mmmmmm!

We were all eager to open our eco dyed parcels, which looked gorgeous with all their additives . . . and then after congratulating ourselves on the great results, we got stuck straight into  tying and sewing our material - which took us all morning . . . . then when they were ready we dipped them in the Shibori vat, which Nancy had heating on a small wood fire.

We dipped out lengths of material at least three times and then took them out and rinsed them in clean water.
Some of us printed onto white material while others chose to overprinted the Eco dyed material with the Shibori.
Lunch, some more dipping and then time for another meal and another bonfire . . . tomorrow will see us doing out last minute projects, discussing where to from here, sharing information and then packing up . . . . I so adore these long weekends with friends learning a new process . . .

We all agreed that this is another process we will be repeating . . . 
A very enjoyable weekend . . . now to weave and sew . . . .Thankyou one and all!!!!!!

Eco Dyeing at the Rusty Roo

What an incredibly enjoyable weekend. 

There were seven of us at the Roo trying our hand at the process loosely referred to as 
Eco Dyeing. 

Cameron set up an area under the trees, and Nancy Brown our tutor, supplied the material, knowledge and incredible wealth and diversity of experience. 

Nancy's blog is a good read.


Using natural materials, like gum leaves, flowers, bark, and a few contrived additives, like old railway sleeper pegs, salt, red cabbage and onion skins - we - wrapped up bundles of the ingredients in our material- boiled up the bundles, and  soaked them overnight. . . . . 

The bundles looked a little like giant sushi rolls !!!  Quite beautiful. Even if you were not expecting to acquire some beautifully printed material - the process alone is very enjoyable. One pot had plant materials, one copper additives and one iron . . . 

Early Sunday Morning after a full Cameron cooked BBQ breakfast, we took the soaked bundles out of the pots - 
The results were surprising, interesting and distinctly wearable . . . .  we all agreed, we will have to do this again. 

 Tomorrow we will be trying Shibori . . . .mmmmmmm!!!. . . .we are all excited!
Nancy has made up 'the beast' and the blue gorgeousness is foaming and frothing . . . I imagine we will feel like witches working with a brew.

Now it is time to relax, reflect, and then for a delicious meal, some wine, and a bom fire. Nancy has her Guitar and 

Linda has her Shakuhachi (Japanese Flute which produces relaxing rain sounds)

Another wonderful day