Monday, November 30, 2009


We woke at the Roo Sunday morning to a beautiful crisp day, with mountains shrouded in mist.

By afternoon, there was a distinct darkening of the sky, winds, jump out of your seat thunder and a spectacular light show of lightning.

This wasn't enough for Mother nature, she had to out do herself with some hail stones and another bout of wind that all but took the roof of the house. It is amazing how small this all makes you feel.

What I found the most astounding was . . .the nest in our large gum tree was still intact when it was all over . . . and standing up in the centre was the ruffled bird . . . . still alive. Incredible !

Monday, November 23, 2009

What we weave

I use old ' Nanna doileys ' in my work and continue to be fascinated with the layering, texture, negative spaces and history of each piece. I find the use of crocheting to do this work stimulating. To see it taken another step by Shane Waltener into a sculptural work is worth another look and further exploration.
My spider webs don't look like these.

Shane Waltener created this incredible installation in the Aldwych Tube Station, the Strand, in London, five years ago. Absolutely stunning.
found via the beautiful periwinkle bloom who found it via sam’s notebook who found it via lisa tilse’s red thread – there is a world of inspiration in these three blogs alone. go take a look!


I have been doing a Jewellery/silver smithing course with a delightful and very clever lady, Aleisha nylund. I love making something three dimensional and unique . . . . . however after seeing these exquisite pieces, I think I will have to try a little harder to be more interesting !

Eva, from Tinctory, makes the most exquisite pieces of jewellery.

She re purposes vintage silk and uses natural dyes to create intricate smocked pendants, brooches, bracelets and necklaces – her inspiration being feathers, sand patterns, shells, and fallen leaves. I am completely enamoured by her style and techniques, and the end results are breathtaking…

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rain, glorious wonderful rain !

We have only received a little of God's juice during the recent storms, however it has been enough to make everything look so very lush.
What a treat to watch those big clouds rolling in over the hills.

To those who have visited the Rusty Roo in the past 7 years or so, you would be extremely surprised by the way it is looking at present.
Green is definitely my new fav colour. Pink looks great with Green.

Why is it that to progress we usually have to make changes. Sometimes these changes are not to our liking . . . we procrastinate, dither and make umpteen excuses not to start. Then when the time is upon us we have to reluctantly admit . . . . . it is the right choice !

Due to the threat of bush fires ( and the building of a new rather grandiose studio), we have been forced to make our country abode safer, by clearing some trees.
This has been a slow process . . . I initially marked about 10 . . . then this has slowly increased ( with sage advise ) to 22 magnificent tall gums.
Finally when the tree lopper man arrived early Friday morning . . . the final count was 28. Oh! my heart was sore. I resisted right to the last. Two very large splendid spotted gums close to the house were still standing late afternoon. The lopper man looked at me rather sternly & said "well ?" I looked at him, Cameron, the trees again & then the house . . . . .and had to admit, it was stupid to resist.
They will be missed. Watching the early morning mist rise through their branches of a morning & the sun glow through them of an afternoon, has been a real treat over the past 11 years.
There are hundreds more and we will endeavour to ensure they stay.
We will also salvage what we can to use for the new patio and other structures. One small consolation . . . . No birds were nesting.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Inspiration is a click away

Now that we don't have any more workshops at the Roo for 2009, I have more time to spare . . . . and I do love roaming the web. The ideas and inspirations you find are too numerous to take note of them all. However, every now and then you find a truely inspired BLOG that taps into so many ideas and images that you just have to share.

The one I have been looking through regularly all year is,

Posted in etsy favourites, handmade by piablog etsy.

I’ve mentioned etsy store Japanese Treasures before – I love to browse the collection as I always find a number of pieces that I instantly adore. And the above fabric is no exception. I can see this fabric working for all sorts of projects, can you?

I may be slightly obsessed with Resurrection Fern’s lace stones. Photographs of her work are here.

PS I love the vintage fabric collection of Lily Devine .

Thankyou all for your responses to my question regarding copy right. Yes, I have read through . . .and will continue to read, the information on the sites you have suggested.

Also interesting is your examples of what you think is acceptable . . . . 'borrowing' from other sources . . . . ?