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Monday, February 28, 2011

Opening Night Beauty of Patterns lost

Thankyou to everyone who was able to attend the opening of my exhibition, at the Logan Gallery on Friday night. It was a joyous night with family and friends being supportive and festive.

I loved seeing and hearing peoples reactions to the 17 works I produced. I appreciated that the majority understood and appreciated the meaning and messages of each painting.

I found myself explaining the theme and processes, without my usual hesitation and self conscious embarrassment. I don't know if that is because I am getting used to that part of an exhibition, or that I knew I was also surrounded by loving and supported people who were really enjoying seeing the work.

Having the Talking tapa exhibition opening that night meant that there were Polynesian / Melanesian dancing and singing outside on the grass area, prior to the opening. It granted a very festive mood to the entire evening which we all thoroughly enjoyed . . . .as we sipped our champagne and chatted. Great!!!!

The Tapa work reminded me of our time in PNG and also made me very aware that I have been influenced by the design element, I was aware of and delighted in, throughout my time there.

The Logan City gallery team were efficient, helpful and gracious throughout. I do love exhibiting in this gallery, with these people.
Sharing Coffee and desserts with a few close friends afterwards, was a very enjoyable way to end the evening. I do love to share the wicked stuff along with some good belly laughs.

To the many people I did not invite, I do appologize if you would have liked to come along. I was torn between believing that the show was of some small significance, compared to the ravages of the flood and did not want to make anyone feel obliged to attend, when they are still in recovery mode. When someone rang and pointed out that they would have enjoyed seeing the work and having a night out . . . . I suddenly felt I had made a wrong decision . . . . . sorry. I should have extended the invite and allowed you to make your own decision. 
Next time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beauty of Patterns Lost

I love to paint and experiment with techniques . . . . I adore our environment and the life it supports.

This exhibition allows me to combine these two aspects of my life, in a way that I hope will highlight the beauty that is lost . . . . when we are careless with our natural resourses . . . our wonderful assets.

Over the past ten years we have travelled to a small block of land in the Beautiful Esk Shire, over looking the Wivenhoe Lake. Travelling regularly weekly, we have seen the carnage on our roads and the changes to our environment through clearing for houses and stock.
We started off by calling this constant slurry ROAD KILL and then it became ROAD PIZZA, but now we just think of it as WASTE.

Exhibiting at the same time is, Talking Tapa which is supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian government program supporting touring exhibitions.
Pasifika bark Cloth in Queensland showcases the diversity of Pacific Islander cultural practices, heritage and visual iconography through beaten bark cloth and tapa.

Also showing is a delightful selection of student works curated from the Logan Art Gallery workshop program.

If you have time I am sure you will enjoy the opening. . . . and the works on show.