Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hanging an exhibition is an exhausting process which requires hard work, co-operation, assistance and a good eye. Fortunately we had a generous dollop of all qualities supplied by the 5 exhibitors, family members and friends -  resulting in a two day assembly - which eventually culminated in an extremely cohesive display  . .  A huge Thankyou

 Deciding where to hang each individual piece so that it works as a whole is not an easy task . . . thank goodness we all have an abundance of humour . . .

 Sculpture, ceramics, installations, paintings and wall art from various artists, with entirely individual ways of working, does not automatically work together  - without serious thought and lots of juggling . . .
Painting - Sharon Lee  
Sculpture - Lyn Derrick   
Installation - Lily Karmatz

Ceramics - Linda Back          Ink on paper - Kate Cooke

The past two years being influenced by Ikebana and the 'Do' has been an extremely enjoyable process . . .A mammoth thankyou to Lily, Linda, Lyn and Kate from me - and to my family for their endless support and good humor throughout - you are all wonderful.
Time to go home, recharge our batteries, and get our glamour-rags out for the Exhibition opening of 5WAYS . . .

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time to hang

Two sleeps and we will be meeting in the Metcalf Gallery, at the Brisbane Institute of Art, to install our works, for the exhibition opening of 5WAYS, on Saturday November 14th.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of meeting with these talented artists and am full of anticipation to finally witness how the works present together in the gallery.

There will be sculptures, ceramics, paintings, wall art and installations.
Lily Karmatzs' - installation

Lily's recycled flower

Lily - recycled plastic flowers
Sharon Lee - carved Wall art
 I adore the fact that we have such varied ways of expressing how Ikebana has inspired us.
Linda Back - ceramics

Linda Back's ceramics
Sharon Lee - Oil on canvas 60 x 60cm

Linda Back - ceramics

We would love to see you at the Gallery, either at the opening on Saturday or during the two weeks of the exhibition.