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Sunday, December 20, 2009

RAIN . . . . gods juice

Oh what a delight ! to hear the patter . . . .then the tap dancing of rain, on the tin roof.

You could feel the relief from the earth as it fell. Or was that just me, enjoying the cool change. No !, I'm sure the new growth and shoots were sprouting as it fell . . . . . Yes ! I'm sure you could see it getting greener by the minute.

Today was filled with numerous delights. Watching the red back finches darting through the bushes, the wallabies enjoying the soggy food pellets and all the birds ( subtle grey & pink of the galas, dashing red & green of the king parrots, stark white and Yellow of the cockatoos and the mincing browns of the placid doves ) dancing around the feeder trying for the best position.

The air felt charged with re newed energy.

How I have missed the rain.