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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Navigating Christmas

Christmas was a very eventful affair.

We had the usual lead up with extremely enjoyable parties and 'drop in for drinks' with friends . . . from Cameron's work place, my work mates and long time 'in mates' from long ago groups, initially formed through days when I nursed, attended BIA art colledge and when we were the parents meeting with our children.

Our front yard 'Beer garden' saw a lot of use.

A celebration in Brisbane with my family, the Boyces . . including BIG brother Peter and his beautiful wife, Yanyan, Mum and Dad, Brianna, Sam, Arron and us. It was very intimate, sharing and peaceful. We started the day with Dad presenting a fully cooked BBQ breakfast . . . we ended the day with left overs from a luscious lunch created by Mum and a slide show of Arron's pictures, he took while in Vietnam. I discovered information no mother likes to hear. . . . like bike accidents ! But, all up it sounded and looked like a successful trip.
Then we ventured to the country to celebrate with Cameron's family, the Lee's . . . . they are a far larger group. It was noisy, full on and the true in your face family affair. We decided it was the best Lee family Christmas ever. . . . . . not because of the food or home, but because All the members, young and old, appeared content with their lot and happy with the years outcome. A true blessing.

Then it was through to Woodford to drop off Brianna at the folk festival to assist Nancy fancy pants for a week. Brianna looks forward with unbridled anticipation to this event each year.

We traveled through to Maleny to visit friends and stay for awhile. It was a pleasure to chill out amongst the green and mist. We visited galleries, ate too much and had a bit to drink while sharing the relaxed atmosphere and laughter of jokes that have percolated over many years.

Then we made a meandering trip, that took an entire day to travel what is normally an hour and a half trip, to the Rusty Roo. We dropped into shops, friends for lunch and afternoon tea at a quaint place that served delicious scones and clotted cream with home made quince jam. Bliss.
I had only sworn off food after the weeks of gluttony . . . . the previous day . . . . ha!

We enjoyed a visit from my entire family from the 28Th - 31st. It was great to have time to talk, eat and relax while watching the wallabies, possums, green frogs, birds and being blessed by rain. Over the 3 days the place near the side of the house actually met up to it's description, for the first time in 7 years. . . . . . A lawn. The wallabies love it as much as I do.

We then said good bye to Peter, Yanyan and Arron as they made their way to join Brianna at the Woodford folk festival, while Mum, Dad and Sam returned to Brisbane.
That afternoon we had friends arrive from Brisbane to help us celebrate the arrival of the New Year. We ate, laughed and shared a few drinks around a roaring bomb fire. We watched the spectacular fire works herald the New Year, kindly supplied by the local youth camp down in the valley . . . .
After a few days our friends withdrew to Brisbane and beyond.

Then, Cameron & I embraced a few peaceful days to ourselves. Lots of book reading and watching of choice DVD's . . . . . . and more eating. Well, we did have to get rid of all the left over's.

So a very full on Christmas without any dramas and enjoyed by all. A time to catch up with Family and friends and feel very fortunate that we are able to celebrate the passing of one year and the introduction of the new, in such a blissful way.

I hope your silly season celebrations were as enjoyable and happy.

Wishing you a great New Year.
I look forward to another year of creativity and keeping in touch.
Cheers x x x