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Monday, December 07, 2009

life is a series of vignette's

UK-based illustrator Rowena Dugdale ( Click here to read and view more of Rowena’s work, and here to purchase her creations - a wonderful gift idea for someone who loves photography.) has been experimenting with Polaroid and pinhole cameras lately, creating stunning images.

“Like the delicious static on a vinyl record, any dust specks, light leaks, torn edges or quirks are an integral and honest part of the process and character of this body of work and have been deliberately left in rather than airbrushed out.”
She uses objects around her – marbles, feathers, fern fronds, moss and buttons – to create ethereal, light filled photographs. The results are incredibly beautiful…

One of my absolute favourite processes is making mono prints, where I bring in things from the Rusty Roo landscape, compose a vignette and play with layering.