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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Logan City Art Gallery Print workshop. Shibuka

In October I was thrilled to conduct a printmaking workshop with 25 students from a school here in Brisbane. The work they created will be forwarded to a school in Japan, as part of an exchange project, that has been an ongoing annual event for the past few years.

I found the Students were attentive and enthusiastic, which produced some inspirational work of a very high quality. Even the stencils they cut out to use for their prints, were art works in themselves and will look incredible collaged onto some of the prints.

I was blown away with the quality of the work they managed to create and feel that the recipent school in Japan will be thrilled with them.

They showcased the native flora and funa we are privlaged to enjoy here in Australia. Kangaroos, crows, lizards, leaves, flowers and Koalas were represented in bright colors and various compositions.