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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Logan artist Society workshop - November

Thankyou to all the people who participated in the recent workshop using Lino, stencils, found objects and ink to make some original and interesting monoprints.

I think everyone enjoyed the 'what if' quality of this process and the unique properties of each individual print. . . . not to mention, that it is so much FUN!

Resident Roving Reporter, Dianna reporting in the December Artists Society new letter. http://www.loganartists.com/pdfs/Newsletters/December%20LAA%20Newsletter%202011.pdf

“ . . . .When Sharon Lee gave her talk at the recent meeting,she held us fascinated by her works, the over-layering of designs and ideas. So her printing workshop promised to be a collage of images, layers and colour (personally, I couldn’t wait). In spite of tiredness (and the odd hang-over) from the previous night’s frivolities at the Bowl and Banquet, we were all soon engrossed in thinking about our design, the layers, colours and cutting lino, positive and negative print. . . . .
Thank you, Sharon for a terrific workshop, we had a great day. . . .. “