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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Back in Australia - Landed and running

Well here I am back in Brisbane and slowly adjusting to my NORMAL way of life. . . .busy, busy & busier

I love these workshop as the facilities are brilliant and the workshop co-ordinator is highly professional, which combines to make for a situation that produces great results in an atmosphere that is extremely creative.I was impressed with their Art and Pottery studios, which are located at 27 Coral St, Loganlea.

I have been having some informal workshops with friends at the Roo (which are always highly entertaining, creative and a joy. I will blog about them later) and doing a few workshops through the Logan City Art Gallery. One with Children, ( YES!! It is amazing for me - the queen of, 'I don't do children' . . . . and I did say 25 CHILDREN . . . ) from a Brisbane school (which I will blog about next) doing Monoprints and one assisting Nancy Brown doing printing on Fabric.

Assisting Nancy Brown at Print workshop. September 2011

A first for me recently was to be asked to attend a Saturday morning monthly meeting with the Logan artists, to give a talk on my art practise. www.loganartists.com

I have always avoided these requests as I can never think where to start and what to leave out . . . . however I was assured that there would be no throwing of rotten vegetables or booing, so I thought I would take the plunge and go for it.

I was surprised that I enjoyed the experience and that everyone was enthusiastic and interested . . . or at least well 'BRuNG UP' enough not to tell me otherwise. . . . .

They are proud, and justly so, of the fact that the studios are where Art and Friendship come together to produce a friendly atmosphere while producing some incredible art works.

They welcome beginners to the more experienced to their artistic workshops and classes in various art mediums.

You can ring 0421874225 if you want to make any inquiries regarding what they are currently offering.