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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Progressive canvas

Jennifer Hamilton 2010

Work in process

Here it is 2010 and we are starting, the letting go . . . . .

The Progressive canvas project.

We have now established who is involved.

There were quite a few interested, but not all shared the same 'joy of process' and reasons to be involved, that we do. Those who will contribute will have to be willing to have their works contributed to, painted over, changed and all together altered during the process.

They must have a studio and be willing to share process with other members. They must be willing to photograph each step and maintain good documentation for final presentation.

The group have spent the last week discussing the size, width and other properties of the canvas, on which the works will be done.

We have drawn up an outline of guides for the continuing progression of the work and are now about to start !

Someone asked, ' why do it . . . what are your desired outcomes . . . who gets to keep the works? " . . . . . Well, I guess the reason to do the works . . . . . is to form a group who meet regularly. To share our knowledge of different processes in a practical, functional form, in a creative way. . . . . while learning to let go of what we can be too precious about. Hopefully throughout the project we will break down some of our inhibitions & blocks . . . so we can see what changes will improve our own art practice.

We will meet each month to show what we have been doing and to have a practical demonstration of processes applied to canvas's. We then meet the following month to share thoughts behind our individual applications during that period and swap works.

We are starting with 9 canvases each. We each start our processes as we desire and then they are passed on to the other individuals in the group . . . . .until everyone has contributed to each canvas.

The project will start in the first week of February, with the last meeting being in the first week of October. At the end we each will have 9 canvases . . . . one from each individual involved. . . . . with their contribution being at the beginning, middle or completion.

In October, over a long deliciously indulgent weekend, we will have a final show and tell with works and presentations at the Rusty Roo. We will share some final learnt processes and make any final marks to our canvases . . . . it is then that we will decide if we wish to exhibit the 36 canvases . . . or start the process again.

I'm looking forward to the sharing. . . . the camaraderie is already evident, the processes already suggested . . . . limitless, the ideas and the learning to let go . . . . frightening . . . . . . . but, I'm excited!

I will keep you posted !!!