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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Preparations for the exhibition are now in their final stage. We are putting together the final touches towards individual works, catalogue, video, hanging, and nutting out the details regarding the management process, for duration of show.
As we reach the finish line we are already thinking about the topic and process which will inspire us to produce works over the next two years. Without knowing the name of the next exhibition, or having a complete picture of that which we will produce, we are exploring the choices of medium, technique and place. The last few workshops in August, September and October have been lead by Linda Back who is professionally trained, with years of experience as an exhibiting ceramicist.

I do love this combination of sharing knowledge, process and place and socializing over good food . . . We had two very enjoyable days where we were granted the gift of unlimited clay, and access to professional equipment - and as if that alone were4 not enough, we were blessed with Linda offering tuition.

To follow up on this we have enjoyed two workshops at Linda's fabulous home and studio. Each day we arrived to share un-resistible cakes surrounded by an incredible garden full of art works and extremely friendly chickens - and then when motivated, we moved into the studio to decorated our bisque fired works. Using slip and glazes we decorated our creations ready for their final firing. . .  before sharing a sumptuous lunch, and then more work. . .  what is there not to love?

Over the past two years we have explored the ocean around Morton, Bribie Island, and, Fingal beach, the bushland near Mt Gravatt, and out Esk way, at the Rusty Roo. Between the five of us and the people we know, we have professional knowledge and years of experience in ceramics, sculpture, bookmaking, printing, painting and Ikebana, and throughout this latest two year process we have each willingly, and generously shared  - and received, this knowledge.
Along with this we have all shared our own places - be they our studio's, acreage, home, plot of bush, or stretch of beach. This emersion in environment is important to our process and an integral part of that which helps with the cohesion of  the exhibition.
5WAYS   14 November 2015
Over the next two years, sharing our love of the environment, nature and how we respond to place, we will develop another body of work and hopefully it will be as stimulating and as enjoyable as the past two years. Thank you to each and everyone of you who have shared process, knowledge or place.
PS. Love to see you at BIA for the opening night or sometime throughout the exhibition.