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Monday, September 09, 2013

Time . . .

Anyone who knows me well, will have heard my constant lament 'where has this year gone' . . .and this year is no exception. I have neglected to blog as life has been too hectic, but now almost ready for my next exhibition, I can leave a few words and pictures here to prove I have not been completely lazy. . . .though not as busy as some.


Kieth Lo Bue workshop at Studio West End, Brisbane

Kieth is an American born Found object Jeweler and Sculptor, living in Sydney Australia. He calls himself a 'Stuffsmith' and when you see his work made from Stuff into Objects of Artwork . . . stuff acquires a whole new meaning.

I adored the man and I enjoyed the workshop - conducted at Studio West End here in Brisbane.
If you are interested Kieth has many web sites and Blogs. Well worth a look.


Art in the Olives. Fantastic weekend of creativity and mmmmmmmmmmmm gluttony.


Myself and a few friends attended the festival to do some Basketry with Therese Flynn Clarke (Winner of the 2012 Caldera Art Award.) We sat on the side of the river, and trying not to be distracted by the scenery, sound of live bands playing music and the smell of food, we used random weave techniques to create sculptural vessels from numerous fibres and cane.

 Therese Flynn Clarke  Winner of the 2012 Caldera Art Award

The Arts in the Olives is a festival celebrating the creative arts. The festival is a collaboration between the residents of the Lost Worlds Valley and BADCAP - Beaudesert and District Community Art Projects and offers a variety of workshops.
Plenty of great accommodation on offer.

Wide selection of luscious food and operators - cheeses, wine, olives, pickles, sausages, honey and gorgeous baked delights . . . .
Huge selection of workshops. We all agreed we will do Blacksmithing next year.

Fingal Workshop

How glorious to share a week with friends at the beach. . . .being creative.
My latest work - printed, grounds and painted on 100% rag


  Sometimes, it is hard to remember we are here to do work! 

Could not resist doing a series of photographs with this huge jelly fish. 

Rusty Roo workshops

I have enjoyed weekends at the Roo with friends in my NEW STUDIO space. . .. (not as many as I would like as we have been busy building the new studio space and bathroom and the pottery studio . . .  .) look forward to the ones organized for later in the year. 
 Studio has windows on three walls and double set of doors - great light
Cameron with the help of my Father and Son hauled the mammoth press upstairs into the light filled space with it's wide veranda, with great views. (Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! )
Cameron and I installed a new bathroom upstairs so that we do not need to go down and out when we need . . .. to go. It is Fantastic.  
Lily - Sculptural art in the Landscape                            Linda Wheel throwing on one of our two new pottery wheels.

Linda firing her pots in Rusty Roo pit. 

Opening the pit after a long slow burn over the week.

Example of results from Pit firing.

Lily creating Ikebana magic throughout the property. Example of my photography which was conducted into the wee hours of the night with the help of torches, wine and lots of laughter. . .

 Something to admire while drinking our wine and watching the sun set.

Flying Arts workshop

Gelatin plate workshop with Flying arts. Great workshop held at the state Library Brisbane


Something unrelated

Cameron and I recently attended a costume party . . . (We passed a group of small children on the way and it took all our considerable will power not to jump out of the car and scare them. . . . .  Then Mr Plod said NO!)
Beautiful pair ain't we . . . .NO?