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Monday, April 22, 2013

Delivered and in the News

On Saturday we took my entry along to the Tip shop where the hard working endeavour team placed it in safe keeping ready for the publicity shoot and then transportation to the city Library.

I had the opportunity to see a couple of other artists works - Karl de Waal's mixed media was there - (this is but a small piece . . . . .)

 . . . .and Fatima  with her quirky slant on life . . .mmmmmmmmmmmm

Channel 10 news coverage of the Tip Shop Competition 2012. (June 2012) Sharon Lee and her daughter Brianna where interviewed in the video along with the Brisbane Lord Mayor.

Since then I have been talking to some of the industrious people from the Brisbane City council and they expressed how thrilled they are with the selection of art works that they have received as entries for the second year - 2013 tip shop competition.

I have also received the Cannel Ten news segment that ran last year 13/06/2012  - after the competition was finalized.

We were also inteviewed for a segment on the radio. . . . so a very exciting process. Now I can't wait to see all the new work for this year arranged together -

from first May at the Brisbane Square Library - with the launch on the 10th May at 5pm - should be a great night . . .  .

come along - it is a fantastic Library . . . (just feels great and the service is seamless . . .with this lot of art in it - it should be a real treat)