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Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Drawing in Beijing

While Bri is away i am finding things to do . . . .
I decided to take myself off for Life Drawing classes, something I have not done for YEARS.
I emailed The Hutong and booked my first class, which would start at 7.30pm.
I walked out of my apartment building not knowing which way I was going.
I stood on the side of the road to hail a taxie. At this point, the idea that a detailed map of Beijing would be a good idea, crossed my mind.
I was lucky to have a driver who was honest, friendly and able to drop me close to where I needed to be. I found myself standing on the side of a major cross road, not knowing which way to go, until a nice young man took pity on me and without any verbal communication directed me to the hutong entry.

It is so very easy to get lost in the warrens that are the Hutongs
Being early I stopped at a cafe, Grandmas Kitchen, for apple pie and coffee . . . . Yah!, not your usual Chinese fair, but something left over from the French, which I certainly appreciated .

Finaly I arrive at the door for The Hutong cooking and art centre. A place founded by creative Australians who live in Beijing. There were a dozen individuals all from varied backgounds . . . there were easels, a generous supply of great paper, charcoal and a male model from Finland. . . . (He looked awfully familiar, but as he was naked I was not about to ask if we had met before . I think he may have modeled at BIA in Brisbane?) Oh! and red wine, juice and lots of talking.

We did several 3 minute warm up drawings, a few 5 minute ones and then some that were 15 minute poses. Half time we had a break and I managed to talk to people from South Africa, Sweden, Mongolia and said Hi, to the other people attending.

The time went all too quickly. 9.30pm arrived and I was just feeling like I was finding my stride.
Now i was filled with trepidation . . . it was dark and I had to find my way out of the maze.

Looking hesitant, yet again! a young English girl took pity on me and offered to walk me back to the main street. (I am so very thankful to all the generous souls I have encountered during my stay. I would have been so lost without them)
Standing on the side of the main crossroad I was not sure which way I was ment to go . . . so my beautiful young companion hailed me a cab, told the driver my address and waved me goodbye. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Arriving at my apartment complex, I did my nighttime shopping for water, fruit and bread, had an evening meal of pumpkin deep fried in egg white (like sweet chips with a crisp tempura coating), a mango smoothy . . . then made my way to my apartment.
It was a great introduction that confirmed my passion to draw. Once I reached my apartment I sat down and emailed to make further bookings. . . .