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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progressive canvases - layers

The progressive canvases have proceeded to move through to the next contributor.

Documenting the

While it has been interesting to see how we as individuals respond to contributing to someone elses work, it has also been enlightening to see how people react to my work and to have them explain why they have added their creative input to enhance the imagery further . . . . . and why they decided on the medium and process they used to work their own particular form of magic.

I'm finding the physical structure of the works evolving through the 'progressive canvas' project . . . . . innovative, because of the unexpected contributions. . . . . however I have been bamboozled by my hesitation to contribute to someone elses canvases. I didn't realize the responsibility of ownership could be so frightening. What if I stuff it up ?

Having said that, I do feel it will allow us to challenge our own accepted limitations and make us search for far more imaginative ways of working through layers, by not being scared to loose, discard or change pictorial information.

It goes without saying that the collaboration with co-artists has been a happy learning curve.

What will the next layer bring forth . . .or discard?