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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rain, glorious wonderful rain !

We have only received a little of God's juice during the recent storms, however it has been enough to make everything look so very lush.
What a treat to watch those big clouds rolling in over the hills.

To those who have visited the Rusty Roo in the past 7 years or so, you would be extremely surprised by the way it is looking at present.
Green is definitely my new fav colour. Pink looks great with Green.

Why is it that to progress we usually have to make changes. Sometimes these changes are not to our liking . . . we procrastinate, dither and make umpteen excuses not to start. Then when the time is upon us we have to reluctantly admit . . . . . it is the right choice !

Due to the threat of bush fires ( and the building of a new rather grandiose studio), we have been forced to make our country abode safer, by clearing some trees.
This has been a slow process . . . I initially marked about 10 . . . then this has slowly increased ( with sage advise ) to 22 magnificent tall gums.
Finally when the tree lopper man arrived early Friday morning . . . the final count was 28. Oh! my heart was sore. I resisted right to the last. Two very large splendid spotted gums close to the house were still standing late afternoon. The lopper man looked at me rather sternly & said "well ?" I looked at him, Cameron, the trees again & then the house . . . . .and had to admit, it was stupid to resist.
They will be missed. Watching the early morning mist rise through their branches of a morning & the sun glow through them of an afternoon, has been a real treat over the past 11 years.
There are hundreds more and we will endeavour to ensure they stay.
We will also salvage what we can to use for the new patio and other structures. One small consolation . . . . No birds were nesting.