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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Inspiration is a click away

Now that we don't have any more workshops at the Roo for 2009, I have more time to spare . . . . and I do love roaming the web. The ideas and inspirations you find are too numerous to take note of them all. However, every now and then you find a truely inspired BLOG that taps into so many ideas and images that you just have to share.

The one I have been looking through regularly all year is, http://piajanebijerk.com

Posted in etsy favourites, handmade by piablog etsy.

I’ve mentioned etsy store Japanese Treasures before – I love to browse the collection as I always find a number of pieces that I instantly adore. And the above fabric is no exception. I can see this fabric working for all sorts of projects, can you?

I may be slightly obsessed with Resurrection Fern’s lace stones. Photographs of her work are here.

PS I love the vintage fabric collection of Lily Devine .

Thankyou all for your responses to my question regarding copy right. Yes, I have read through . . .and will continue to read, the information on the sites you have suggested.

Also interesting is your examples of what you think is acceptable . . . . 'borrowing' from other sources . . . . ?