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Monday, September 07, 2009

Creativity . . . finding inspiration

Hi Sharon and Cameron.

". . . . Thank you so much for a wonderful week at your magical property. Sharon thank you for the delicious food and great generousity of spirit, with your art information and equipment. I was telling a friend about the wonderful time I had and also mentioned putting on weight from all the magnificient desserts. He thought I had been to a health retreat (he goes to a retreat place each year). I told him it was healthy food for the heart and soul, with dessert as the reward.

The 3 brown canvas's with red thread added are now on display in the Annerley library and I am still telling friends that I cant believe I have "done" brown.

Hope you like these photos. With much thanks Denise . . . . "

P.S. Felicity continued to work prolifically adding to her pieces, making things from leaves and doing flower arranging around my house until she left on Monday. It was delightful to watch.