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Thursday, September 03, 2009

A blessing is, to share . . the Time to be creative.

A week of creativity. Bliss !! But, where does that time go ?

The hustle and flurry of arrivals, settling in, finding a space, looking, learning and BEING . . . . all processes that are accompanied by laughter and interesting, colourfull and informative stories . . . . of previous experiences and adventures.

Learning to LIKE brown, being comfortable in the BUSH, using a craft UNUSED, or unexplored for some time . . were all areas re-visited and in many cases re-invented.

The playfulness of Ikebana and the sharing of the breaking of bread . . . all contributed towards the feeling of community.

Sitting here in the Rusty Roo after the completion of another workshop . . . reflecting on the TIME SHARED , I am always amazed that I have been blessed, to be in a position, to have this connection with such a diverse group of creative individuals. . . . who became warm and comfortable companions in such a short time.
Thankyou. I wish for you all, a continuation of what you have found as your precious SMALL JOYs, while here at the Roo.