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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dō a "way of life".

5 Ways  - layered - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void

Getting ready for another exhibition takes thought, time and preparation. . . way before you even start on the body of work to be exhibited.
Meeting with your co-exhibitors is a given . . . where you chose to meet can be conducive to producing some interesting results.

For this 2015 exhibition, we have been using Ikebana, and the environment as our path towards inspiration.

Lily karmatz has been our instructor and guide. http://www.artislily.com/the_artist Lily is a Ikebana tutor, installation artist and accomplished painter, sculptor, ceramist and a mixed media artist. Her work is often ephemeral in nature and large in scale. A few of her Ikebana and installation works can be seen in the publication 'Ikebana Today' by international publisher, Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium. . 

Lily, Linda, Lyn, Kate and myself have worked at the Rusty Roo, Fingal, Mt Cootha forest, Stradbroke Island, Morton Island,  and now the latest outing to glean further inspiration led us to Victoria point, ( to fortify ourselves at The wishing well Cafe with breakfast and merriment ) and then onto the ferry to Coochiemudlo Island.

 Coochiemudlo Island is located within the Redland Shire in South-East Queensland, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The island lies in Moreton Bay, where it's shallow beaches and mangroves are protected from the breakers of the South Pacific. The island is easily reached by a short ferry trip from Victoria Point. Although Coochie, as the island is known locally, is only 5 square kilometres in size, it boasts more than 4 Km of beautiful beaches.

Photographing the installations.

Lily introduced us to discussing the Japanese  (:どう), meaning path or way. 
Specifically,  is derived from the Buddhist Sanskrit mārga (meaning "path"). The term refers to the idea of formulating propositions, subjecting them to philosophical critique, and then following a 'path' to realize them. 
 signifies a "way of life". 
 in the Japanese context, is an experiential term. Experiential in the sense that practising (the way of life) is the norm, to verify the validity of the discipline cultivated through a given art form. 

Time is never enough . . . after an enjoyable lunch, discussing ' ' we had another meander, before catching the ferry back to Victoria point, for afternoon tea . . . 

More  (:どう) and then time to go.

Another inspiring day!!!  . . . . so many layers, ideas . . . . and so much FUN!!  Thank you.

Next workshop . . . back at the Rusty Roo.  Eco Dyeing, using Nature, with Nancy Brown