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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Painting in layers

View from studio - distracting!!!

A dear friend, who developed an allergy to paints, decided to clean out her studio . . .

I was asked, if I would like to acquire some of her canvases . . . and believe me these were extremely generous sized canvases . . . .  from a generous friend.

I placed them in my studio, and walked past, eyeing them off, for some time . . .What to paint?

Then Brianna showed me a photograph that was taken of her for a photo-shoot . . It is an incredible photo, taken by a very talented photographer. (can't show you -copyright) It was taken at Kangaroo point. Brianna had her face whitened and her hair frizzed.

 I thought I'd try to work with it, as my inspiration.
I pulled out one of the smaller canvases . . .you know the one . . .5ft x 3 ft     Little!!!!!  Barely there . . . . a tit of a thing
I made the preliminary sketches with charcoal and thin washes of acrylic.
I added some more areas of interest . . . .and then, deliberately deviated from the photograph . I have since added more detail to hair,  figure and dress . . . and will add more . . . and maybe a few more glazes . . . 

Now, if I can  just pin Brianna down to do the face . . . . and remaining details. 
(A small photograph in a monochromatic scheme is not the easiest thing to use . . .)

Ps. I am enjoying using my studio . .the view is a bit distracting, and the animals and birds do turn up at the most inconvenient times, demanding my attention - but loving it!!!!