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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where does time go?

The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”  John Muir

I appear to have neglected to enter anything here for what appears, a very long time.
Yes! Too busy. I hear this all the time, and I think it is because we have so many options - there are just too many great things to do and be involved in.

We have been building at the Roo. A new pottery shed, new bathroom upstairs and the addition of a office/ spare room mmmmmmmmmmmmm all take lots of time. . . .but that said, I know they will all be appreciated. Having Cameron and Arron move my mammoth printing press up to the second story of the building - yep! Up stairs - was a huge task.

The rains have ensured the place is looking spectacular. . . . .but it also encouraged us to plant up other areas . . 

Watching and photographing the wild life is another time waster.

We have hosted a few Artist retreats - which are a lot of fun . . . . . 
 however, that is more time gone.
Land and sea mixed media drawings/studies Fingal Heads Artist retreat.

Installation work at the Rusty Roo  

Grounds and Mixed Media at the Rutsy Roo

Then I attended a few Artists retreats at Fingal and The Tweed in NSW - very beautiful places - and Yes! More time.. . . . but i am not complaining.

Pottery classes at Logan Artist society of a Monday night. . . . . Learning to wheel throw.

Entering a couple of exhibitions ( one with Studio West end - Ex Libris, book plates, now in the State Library permanent collection ). . .print making and Jewellery making workshops,( one with Keith Lo Bue )

Drawing (West end - with a model of a Wednesday evening )and writing (at Queensland State Library ). . . . . . . 

21st Birthday parties,( Bri has reached the big one!!! - Great parties!!) 

Holidays (Noosa, Fingal, Caloundra and Straddy Islands), Christmas.  . . .
and  .. . .  so here we are 2013

I have two exhibitions this year . . . and lots of work to do. So I hope to post a little more frequently.  We took our dog to the beach at Stradbroke Island  January this year, and stayed at a fantastic place right on the beach - near the gelati place Yum!!!! Dog Loved it!

After recieving many complaints about my lack of blogging, and being unable to answer - what I have done since this time last year . . . . . . . now, after listing some of the things we have done, since I last blogged . . . . I now know where most of our time has gone.

I do Hope 2013 is a very good year.