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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharing of PLACE

We have always been aware of the need to make as little impact as possible on this piece of land we have claimed as OUr OWn. We have endeavoured to maintain the uncleared vegetation, while starting a re-planting program, so that we may maintain a diverse environment, that will sustain us all.

Some times it feels like a terrible swim against a current of - ' not my problem'

So when I was recently approached to submit some work for an online gallery, concerned with the study of Human-animal relations - A shared environment, I was more than thrilled to do so.

What an incredible diverse wildlife we are lucky to share this land with.

Animals, People - A share environment
10 - 13 July 2011, Griffith University, Brisbane

Some of the most challenging and exciting new work in Australian studies has emerged from the Fine Arts. In Honour of these human-animal artists, and their subjects, the Australian Animal Studies group has developed and online gallery. The gallery aims to promote the artists and the animal issues they care deeply about.


The Australian Animal Studies group and Environmental Futures Centre proudly present the 4th Biennial Australian Animal Studies Group Conference 2011 on; Animals, People - a Shared environment.

This conference will bring together animal theorists and scientists from a broad range of academic disciplines with representatives from non government and government officials from several nations and representatives from industry, to examine the interrelationship between human and nonhuman animals from cultural, historical, geographical, environmental, representational, moral, legal and political perspectives.

A very worth while study . . . .