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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No unecessary destruction or waste

Inspired by the luscious growth of the last garden we developed, we felt the time was right to work on another project!!

After much thought, we decided the on going saga of the NEW STUDIO needed re-invigoration.

Way back in 2009, we were advised to clear an area near the existing shed & house, as the existing trees posed a serious fire hazard. ( remember we were still suffering the affects of a difficult drought period, which meant our property was as dry as a bone. Also, around this time there had been horrendous fires, where people had died, resulting in 'bushland near homes', being an issue on all our minds, especially those of the local fire brigade.

I was loathed to clear too much, but understood the necessity of being responsible.
We thought it through carefully and decided, if we had to remove the trees we might as well utilize the now cleared area to build something . ..

Oh! You could feel the full blast of the gleam in my eye, for miles. I had an idea and it was a beauty . . .. to have a new studio installed. Ha! it sounded so simple.
We eventually contacted the tree lopper who did the necessary, but very sad deed of felling the beautiful trees. . . . .Which of course presented us with a new dilemma . .. what to do with the trunks of the trees. I would not allow them to be burnt or wasted, which would have added insult to injury.
So WHAT to do with them ?
After serious discussion We decided to use the felled tree logs to build a new veranda along North wall.

Using the logs for the supports of the new North facing veranda

The process took approx 4 months of our available weekends to construct, and only then with the valuable help of various, generous individuals amongst family and friends . . .thankyou once again!

So! finally having finished that project we presumed we could quickly move onto the next . . .the building of the new studio.
No!! now we found ourselves ruminating over the question of, the stumps!
What will we do with all the glorious stumps? I imagined roots that would be worth exposing and thus be gorgeous . . . we hoped! So what will we do with them all . . . . if we were un willing to just burn them out of existence?
Cut them up for Fire wood? . .. No!! what a waste !
Make tables out of the roots? . . . No!! already too much furniture & not enough time,
What to do ???? We looked, thought, discussed . . . and looked again.
Cameron & and I thought we'd get them out and then think further, at a later date. . . . .

Ha !!! Easier said than done. Poor Cam found himself suffering because of my latest whim. Stumps & roots.
All those weekends of digging exposed a net work of roots worthy of saving . . .So I thought. I think Cameron could happily have see them go up in a quick burst of hungry and all consuming flames . . . . it had been a lot of hot and hard work and they were being stubbornly strong to the last root, which eventually had to be severed by a series of small controlled burns.
Another reason for us to be thankful for the rain . . .
and the result was this gorgeous creation . . . . However, Now where to store it and all it's brothers & sisters ??

We decided to make it ( along with it's siblings ) features in the garden, until their eventual purpose is revealed and we have time to do something about it.

They have proved their worth just as pieces that generate interest and discussion. Many have voted for the addition of eyes or other anatomical features . . . . I have so far resisted the urge to make the suggested 'improvements'.

So, a big Thank you to all the generous individuals who lugged rocks, dug soil and helped mulch the new garden. With the rain it is growing beautifully . . . .though the wallabies have taken a shine to the new hibiscus plants, which has resulted in the new wire works, being constructed to protect the numerous plants . . . .

Without any further obstacles to hinder the advancement of the new studio, we are back on the path to construction . . . . Now the important questions need to be addressed;
How many windows,
Which way do we face the glass doors,
How many glass doors,
How many sky lights,
Cement or wooden floor,
Insulated & lined walls,
What configuration ?????
I have sought and received some valuable advice and information, however any useful suggestions are appreciated . . .. I have looked forward to having my 'very own studio' for awhile, so I do want to get it right
... and of course I look forward to sharing many hours of creative process with quite a few of you, when it is completed.