Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life goes on, as it must !!!

I may be destructive, but I belong 61 cm x 61 cm

Life has been hectic and full to the brim, with chaos for so many here in Australia.
However, I feel like we personally have been exceedingly lucky, as we are on high ground and as such we missed the rivers rise. We had people staying with us and were without power for days . . . . and still have piles of other peoples belongings, strewn throughout our abode, but that is a minimal disturbance compared to the poor individuals who experienced the damage inflicted by the rising water and the mud . . . . and are still cleaning up.

With the amount of humidity here in Yeronga (and I guess everywhere at present) and the activity here over the past few weeks, (what with housing some family and friends who were displaced due to the floods and storing their goods), my paintings have been relegated to the hall-way, where they have been kicked, knocked over, moved and brushed against too many times to count. So it was with relief that I handed them over to a secure and cool location.

Biodiversity is a Slippery Subject 61cm x 61cm

Now, I can't wait to see them up on the walls.
I am always impressed with the way the people at the Logan City Art Gallery cur rate and hang their exhibitions. They are totally professional. From the beautiful brochures to the exciting opening nights, everything is taken care of.

So please pen in the 25 th February, for the Opening night of my exhibition, Beauty of Patterns Lost.

Yes, I will send out an email closer to the actual date and I Look forward to seeing you there.

I do hope, you and yours are well. Best wishes, xxx


Jenn said...

See you on the 25th... The pics are looking very intreeeeging and I can't wait to see the real things

Sharon said...

Jenn, thankyou . . .Look forward to catching up. I feel so disconnected from everyone. When our house is ours again, I will have a get to geather. Hope your well xxx

Sandra Pearce - Visual Artist said...

Hi Sharon, can you make sure I'm on your email list, I'd love to try and make it to your exhibition but I'll need a reminder closer to the date, there's always too much going on!

Anonymous said...

Sandra, love to see you on opening night. Will send out something mid Feb. Hope your well. x

Sophie Munns said...

Love that painting Biodiversity is a slippery subject Sharon!
Will try and coordinate dates - looks like a great exhibit!
ben touch very soon Sharon.
ps oh dear .... capitals!