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Monday, December 06, 2010

2010 More is more . . .in Italy

Could we look any more like tourists?
Nearly every surface is painted . . 

Statues everywhere
Yes, we have returned from our recent trip overseas, where I was thrilled to see that there are lots of individuals who appreciate that knowing when to stop, and actually doing so, are two entirely different things.
I have suffered the cries of 'Less is more' for years . . . well now I say 'no more' will I listen to people trying to make me do less . . . MORE it is!
Look at the size and detail . . . amazing!!
A bath!
I find I want to add layer after layer, and more layers, to my work  . . . . . .

No more than 2 inches

Makes you feel so insignificant

. . . but then, as if there were not enough already . . . more!.

Cameron's crime fighting buddies
Our bedroom in Rome . . .with it's own balcony .. . Of an evening, we could hear the opera being performed in the Church next door. . . .  while sipping our wine . . .after having returned to have our evening meal at 10pm . . . .Yep! They certainly know how to enjoy life. . . . La Dolce Vita
All I need to know now - is how to settle back into a normal routine . . . to work!