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Monday, February 15, 2010

Just in time

Rain, glorious God's juice.
We have enjoyed watching the luscious new growth and the animals that are benefiting from it.

Our new arrivals installed. Thank you to our Son, Arron and the friendly neighbours.

Below: Tanks arriving. Who would believe such a huge load could make it up our driveway.

Over the past few weeks we have been busy being earth movers, so that our new tanks will sit proud and straight on firm foundations.
At 6am the truck rounded the bend with the load. As per Murphy's law, it was the same weekend as we were enjoying the company of a group of ladies who were at the Roo, to do a mixed media workshop. I bet they weren't expecting tank maneuver's as part of the experimentation process.
No more buying God's juice. It will now be funnelled into our HUGE new tanks.
What a production was their arrival and installation. The neighbours rallied to our cause and enjoyed the fruits of their labours . . . . a BBQ breakfast with the wallabies.

We are now placing tree stumps around them, to stretch a wire, to grow a passion fruit vine, for the pavlova and cream. . . . . of course!