Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Playing with process.

Recently while at the Rusty Roo, a group of artistic, generous women were having a play with some experimental processes. Always exciting.

However, what I found as interesting was, that around the other side of the world, a friend of mine from America, who was in South Africa, was being experimental with the same materials and processes . . . at the same time, with people in that far distant country.

. . . . we were both enthralled that we could be doing the same things but in such different places. Goes to show . . . we all share a lot in common, when art is involved !

Ha !!. The world is small. So, these are a few of the results.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon and Cameron
Many, many thanks for a wonderful weekend. Thank you for your warm hospitality and delicious food. I really enjoyed myself and have now acquired a new addiction - printmaking!!! It was a great group and the interaction was very enjoyable and stimulating for the creative process. I love your place and hopefully will get up there again for another weekend sometime
Thank you again

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
It was lovely to “see” you again as I just went and had a meander through your blog – it is beautiful! I love your sensibility for life, the multiple ways to make it all meaningful, the love you generate and your enjoyment and generation of community. You really have created something wonderful.

I love knowing RusyRoo and you are there JTanea