Sunday, July 04, 2010


Indigiscape workshops

Recently I had the enjoyable task of helping conduct workshops at the Indigiscape centre. This remarkable place helps spread the word about the environment, through educational workshops, demonstrations, open days and numerous other informative avenues.
Hundreds of bags were produced using both the screen printing and sun print techniques. The theme for this project was to spread the word about the problems being faced by our beautiful Koalas.
I was thrilled to see how enthralled both children and parents were in the processes and the results.

I do love these days of sharing and creativity.

( My involvement has been greatly curtailed since my accident last year, which resulted in a serious reduction in mobility. I do miss the Rusty Roo workshops immensely and hope eventually to be able to have the ability to do them again . . . . . )

I will add some pictures when and if BLOGGER decides to allow me to upload them. I know how frustrating technology can be and feel for you Candy ! Yahhhhhhhhhhhh Thankyou Blogger !!)