Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Exhibition July2021


Condensery. Somerset Regional Art Gallery

We had a very enjoyable opening. Work was curated by the Gallery Director, Rachel Arndt and hung with help from the galleries enthusiastic volunteers.

I thought it was lovely to arrive just prior to opening to be greeted by family and friends, without the hassle of  organizing labels, hanging our work, or having to organize the food and beverages. Having all the tasks associated with a exhibition, completed for us, was hugely satisfying.

Due to the fear Covid is creating, we were all masked and unable to enthusiastically hug, but we were thrilled to see the number of people attending and hear their responses to our work.

Sold several works, and as usual, could have sold the same half a dozen works, several times over. In fact I did find that four works have been sold twice and it is something I am trying to remedy. (Have established a web site, sharonleeart.com so that works can be purchased direct, and there should be no future mix-ups.) 

Glimpses inscribed

Visual Haiku


Moment in mind

Psychodrama in colour

Transient cyclorama

Family. As usual, I want to thank my supportive family who keep me going with their enthusiasm and support. They are wonderful. Arron and Lisa, you are darlings. We loved you being there with us and spending the week while we recouped after house fire and exhibition opening.

 Thank you Bri for flowers, they are glorious. In no way are they a substitute for you not being able to leave Sydney - in lock-down, due to Covid -  or for you not being able to make another eloquent speech - but the phone calls and bouquet were appreciated.

Friends. Nothing can ever  replace the genuine love and support you provide. Your contribution throughout my time Coddiwompling and at the opening, is noted. Your the best. Thank you.

Now to start work towards the next exhibition, BIRDS at the Brisbane Institute of Art, in 2022. 


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Somerset Regional Art Gallery


 Exhibition opening 

 Saturday July 24,  2021

 Five artists from Crossdale - Sharon, Shirley, Jane, Ian, Jan

Sharon Lee

With fear of climate change and the arrival of Covid-19, 2020-21 encouraged me to coddiwomple - to travel purposefully forward to an as-yet-unknown destination. En route discovering how necessary it is that we maintain hope. 
With hope in mind, I have created bright, multi-layered narratives. Each a visual haiku of the memories I yearn to keep and dearly hope persist. 

In the works on canvas I have started with a black background, and over this I have layered acrylic glazes to establish the painting, before finishing with rich lushness and viscosity of oils; the brightness signifying new beginnings and growth. The inclusion of birds represents: wisdom, adaptation, diligence, rebirth, courage and all the many attributes we will need to use to repair and maintain our ecosystem.

At the commencement of my coddiwompling story and at the end, I have placed sculptures with a serious question in mind, If nature was watching would you be kinder? A third sculpture designed as a nest, while asking the same question, does hint at the chance of new beginnings. Each piece combines the use of found objects, paper clay, acrylic and resin.

The works display my continuing appreciation
for nature and her ability to re-calibrate and rejuvenate, without ignoring the undesirable aspects of: a world without; a world with too much; and a world which cannot sustain.


Sharon Lee


Growing up in Papua New Guinea, living on an isolated Island in Bougainville, and then moving to acreage in Crossdale, Queensland, I have always felt fortunate to be able to observe and interpret the kaleidoscope of colors and designs in nature. While owning an art supply shop within the Brisbane Institute of Art for more than a decade and managing an Artist retreat allowed me to observe and learn many creative, technique based processes.

In my work I combine my appreciation for a good story with the excitement I get from rearranging nature’s complex - and often ephemeral assemblages. Max Ernst (1891 – 1976) said, an artist must have one eye on the outer world, while the other eye looks towards the inner world.’ It is with this in mind that I create multi-layered paintings evocative of the landscape, while inserting an irrational or troublesome idea into the imagery. However, unlike the melancholy of Ernst, I hope my works are a joyful experience, encouraging the viewer to connect with their own memories and conscience. Hopefully creating their own unique narrative.

Saturday, November 30, 2019


Last stop. Left Arron at Dubai airport as he is on his way back to Brisbane. 
While we are staying in Singapore, to indulge in some rest, before we return to the dry. 
Today we ventured over to the Botanical gardens. Had a delightful wander for 4 hours, to be chased away by thunderous rain after lunch . . . 

back to hotel for a rest.

Caught a taxi to Little India. Celebrations went on all night. We stayed in the shopping centers, as they are open 24 hours and air conditioned. Interesting array of goods. When we came out around midnight there were thousands of people and the traffic was at a standstill.

Had to walk to the Hilton to ask them to call a taxi . . . I bought a couple of extravagant, over the top pieces. (I will be ready for when we go to our next Indian wedding.) Also, some batik material and some embroidered silk. . .promise, that is it!

Quiet day - reading and relaxing followed by a taxi drive around the city.

Today we wandered over to Garden by the Bay. And it was 6 hours later, when we left and still did not see everything.  Loved it. We have already agreed there will be a next time!

 Lovely and cool inside the domes. Flowers are magnificent.

  Day hanging around the hotel resting . . .nice!!!

Time to hang around the hotel resting has been a real bonus . . .


Time to return to Brisbane. We departed the Rusty Roo late August and now return early November.
We organized for someone to look after the property, garden and animals, but with no rain while we have been away, we are now anxious to get back and water . . . and feed the animals.

(While away I took over 3,000 photos. Trying to pick which ones to include has been difficult.)

It has been a real joy to see so many places. 

Again, thank you to family and friends.Loved it all. XXXSo blessed!